Agnès Richard

Et la musique fut

Interactive ebook, from age 8 and up

Mathilde is a little girl full of curiosity who loves nature and adventures. She always carries a magnifying glass with her, to discover new fantastic animals. This morning, as there is no school, she’s looking for a little animal that she’s never spotted before: a souvarine. A souvarine is a rare type of rodent. They are very intelligent and like to hide. But the forest is full of adventures, some of which are dangerous...

Follow Mathilde and her adventure, help her in difficult moments, and discover the fascinating world in which she lives.

Text: Agnès Richard

Illustrations: Leha van Kommer

Based on an idea from Leha van Kommer

Agnès Richard

Agnès Richard lives with her cat, her books and her friends. She reads ever since she was very young and likes various books such as philosophy as well as fairy tales. One day, she decided to take her most beautiful pen and started writing.


Mathilde is her first book.


Mathilde, Éditions uTopie