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From age 10

Release: December 2017

24  interactive pages

Language: French


ISBN: 978-2-940589-07-4

Et la musique fut

Today, Agile is to be initiated as a hunter of his clan. With a blue-painted spear, he has to mark a bison hide. Easy enough. But things don’t go as planned...and the young hunter leaves on a quest that will lead him to an incredible discovery.

Follow Agile’s adventures across the tundra, and you, too, will discover the secret of the great bison. A thrilling adventure set in prehistoric times.


Text: Olivier May

Illustrations: Nicole Devals


Passionate about prehistory, history, and ethnology, Olivier May has devoured anything and everything about the subject since his childhood.


Having studied anthropology, archeology and history, he became a researcher and secondary school teacher.


He’s the author of several books for adults. “Les Enfants de la Louve”, 2013, is his first illustrated children’s book, followed by “Le secret des Hommes Bisons” in 2014, and “La Vallée des Mammouths” in 2017.

Nicole Devals draws ever since she was young. Today, she is able to live from her talent as an illustrator and a designer. She works with associations who defend values which are dear to her such as environment et children's right protection.

Nicole already published 18 books and 5 new releases are expected for 2018.