Nathalie Jensen

Et la musique fut

Interactive ebook, from age 6 and up

When Marie hears about the legend of Myriem, a wild young woman accused of being a witch many, many years ago, she will need all her innocence and joy, as well as her pet rabbit Neige, to overcome her fear of witches, and to discover the secret of the magic stone. 

Text: Nathalie Jensen

Illustrations: Maya Serafini

Nathalie Jensen

Nathalie Jensen is a writer and storyteller. She is the author of Marie and the Sarine Witch, Pierre et l'Arbre à Chagrin and La petite Ondine du lac. She has recently leapt into the digital world with uTopie. 


Wisdom says that a story is quickly told, but the path is slow. 


Marie et la Sorcière de la Sarine, Éditions uTopie

Pierre et l'Arbre à Chagrin, Éditions Plumes d'aujourd'hui

La petite Ondine du Lac, Éditions Plumes d'aujourd'hui

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