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From age 3

Release: December 2017

10 interactive pages

Languages: English & French


ISBN: 978-2-940589-06-7

The Red Hot Fireball | Zay Boule-de-feu

One day Zay gets so angry with her little brother that she turns into a ... Red Hot Fireball! Follow Zay on her adventure, and learn how she manages to become a little girl again.


A beautiful story for anyone who (sometimes) gets very, very angry.

Zay a un petit frère, Timmy, qui est plutôt embêtant, très embêtant même. Un jour, Timmy va trop loin et Zay se met tellement en colère qu'elle se transforme en…. Une boule de feu étincelante!

Suis les aventures de Zay et découvre comment elle réussira à redevenir une petite fille.


Une belle histoire pour tous ceux qui, parfois, se mettent très en colère.

Text: Anita Lehmann

Illustrations: Clément Espinosa


Clément Espinosa is an animator and illustrator. He has worked in various animation productions such as short films, series, and video games before studying to become a microtechnical engineer.

In parallel, he has been discovering Iceland with the Volcano’s Song, which is his first children’s book.

Anita Lehmann has travelled the world with her nose in the air, chasing stories, catching them, and pinning them down on paper.

Born in Berne, she has lived in Geneva, Taiwan, and on the Galapagos Islands, and was last seen cycling around Cambridge (England) with her husband and  three young children.