Sébastien Pridmore

Et la musique fut

Interactive ebook, from age 4 and up

This is the story of a humble man who doesn’t own very much. He lives in Scanie, in a small house by the forest with his dog Furry-Furry. One day, whilst out walking with Furry-Furry, he finds a magnificient pair of boots standing in the middle of a clearing...

What are the surprises waiting for the humble man and his dog on their way? How will they survive the terrible winters in Scanie? So many questions, to which you will find answers in this ebook.

Text: Lily Utz

Illustrations: Sébastien Pridmore

Sébastien Pridmore

Sébastien Pridmore studied fine art at the Ceruleum in Lausanne where he received a BA with honours in 2008. Since then, he has experimented with different techniques such as acrylics, resin, epoxy, watercolour, silk screen printing, engraving, and oil painting.


Sébastien is the author of several children’s books.


Les Bottes, Éditions uTopie

Mila à la neige, Éditions Limonade

Mila à la plage, Éditions Limonade