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From age 8

Release: April 2017

26 interactive pages

Language: French


ISBN: 978-2-940589-04-3

Le Chant du volcan

Nils is a brilliant musician living a peaceful existence at the bottom of a volcano in Iceland with his music and his langspils. Nils has an incredible talent. When he plays his langspil, even the volcano responds. The instruments he makes are exquisite.

One day, Nils hears about Bjorn, a little boy who also has an artistic talent. When he dances, the volcano responds. Thus begins a tale of friendship between Nils and Bjorn, through which Bjorn learns to master his talent.

This magical tale takes us to the wonderful world of music and dance, under the watchful eyes of the elves.

A gem of a book.


Text: Lily Utz

Illustrations: Clément Espinosa


Clément Espinosa is an animator and illustrator. He has worked in various animation productions such as short films, series, and video games before studying to become a microtechnical engineer.


In parallel, he has been discovering Iceland with the Volcano’s Song, which is his first children’s book.

Lily Utz has devoured books ever since she was very young. She began writing at the age of eleven for herself and her family, and has not stopped since.

Later, she became a librarian to make sure she was never short of books. Today, Lily lives in the countryside between writing, reading, and jam pots. She is the author of several children’s books.